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Výběr titulů
International Business Operations

International Business Operations

2nd Revised Edition

Sato Alexej, Halík Jaroslav, Hinčica Vít

Cena: Kč 365

Dostupnost: skladem

Vydavatel: Oeconomica

Vyšlo: 2023/09

ISBN: 978-80-245-2482-5

EAN: 9788024524825

Stran: 164

Rozměr: B5

Provedeni: Měkká vazba

The publication is primarily intended for students of international trade, but it can also provide valuable information to entrepreneurs starting with cross-border trade. The publication’s text considers the changes brought to international trade by globalization but also underlines the rules and customs established in significant regional and local markets. The text is organized into eleven chapters; the choice of entering the foreign market and the organization of the distribution chain are mentioned in its introduction. The publication’s core is a text explaining the content and course of international business operations: formal and substantive requirements of the purchase contract, delivery terms (including Incoterms 2020), payment terms (payment and securing instruments), pricing methods, and documents commonly used in commercial practice. The final chapters focus on implementing the purchase contract, international logistics, insurance, customs, and tax reporting. Attention is also paid to risk management and financing of business activities. A series of commercial practice case studies supplement the publication’s text.