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International Marketing, Theory, Practices and New Trends

International Marketing, Theory, Practices and New Trends

Král Petr, Machková Hana, Lhotáková Markéta, Cook Gina

Cena: Kč 380

Dostupnost: skladem

Vydavatel: Oeconomica

ISBN: 9788024521527

EAN: 9788024521527

Provedeni: Měkká vazba

The book provides integrated overview of all tools of international marketing and their use in the changing global environment. The unique feature of the book are the mini- cases and examples that reflect the Central European reality. Compared to the first edition the content of the book is updated covering the recent trends in international marketing and the changes of the business environment in the post- crisis times and providing up- to- date examples and mini- cases. The first section of the book covers analysis of the international environment, risks connected to the international expansion, modes of entry to foreign markets, international marketing research and international marketing strategies. The second section deals with international segmentation, positioning, targeting and branding and the third section discussed the tools of international marketing mix (product, pricing, distribution and communication). A new chapter covering ESR in international environment will be added to this section.