Intercultural Communication – Typical Features

Intercultural Communication – Typical Features

Czech, British, American, Japanese, Chinese and Arab Cultures

Bočánková Milena, kolektiv

2. přepracované vydání

Vyšlo: 2014

Provedení: Měkká vazba, A4

Stran: 152

Vydavatel: Oeconomica

ISBN: 978-80-245-1648-6

Kč 128,–

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This textbook has written for students of the optional course Cross-Cultural Management Communication and all others who are interested in intercultural problems. The aim is to give the readers the basic information about cultural differences among countries and some hints how to deal with them in business negotiations. The book is divided into nine chapters which tally with the programme of the course. This is also the reason of the selection of countries whose cultures the authors try to describe. The first two introductory parts will acquaint students with Hofstede´s and Trompenaars´s value dimensions and with non-verbal communication. Then follows a short chapter on Czech business culture which we have included first of all to give some facts to foreign students studying at VSE. The cultures of the U.K., the Irish Republic and the USA, which follow, are the representatives of Western cultures in contrast to the cultures of Japan and China, which represent Eastern cultures and try to explain some totally different approaches and different mentality of potential business partners coming from these countries. The last chapter informs students about some typical features of the culture of Arab countries.