English for Business and Economics. Student’s Book

English for Business and Economics. Student’s Book

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Vyšlo: 2017/09

Provedení: Měkká vazba, B5

Stran: 300

Vydavatel: Oeconomica

ISBN: 978-80-245-2210-4

Kč 294,–

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English for Business and Economics is a ‘tailored’ course for the students of the University of Economics and other students who are preparing to pursue their careers in business, economics and related areas. The material is based on the results of language needs analysis research carried out by the authors among the university graduates and their major employers in 2015. It contains twelve units, eight of which cover business related topics and four aim to introduce and practise skills necessary for effective communication with colleagues and?business partners. The course, which sets out to involve learners actively in?the process of?developing their language skills, combines traditional methods of language teaching with a communicative approach encouraging students to express their own ideas concerning the?coursebook topics. All units offer a full range of exercises focusing on the?four main skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) necessary for successful language acquisition.Level: upper-intermediate (B2 according to CEFR)