Intelligent Business  - Coursebook

Intelligent Business - Coursebook

Advanced – Business English

Tonya Trappe, Graham Tullis


Vyšlo: 2011

Provedení: měkká vazba, A4

Stran: 176

Vydavatel: Longman

ISBN: 978-1-4082-1773-3

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CEFR Level:C1-C2 Are your students new to the business world? Do they need to learn about business settings as well as English to help express themselves at work? Then start with the Coursebook. Topic-based, with accessible introduction to key concepts in today’s business world help students learn about key concepts whilst building their English skills. Informative and up-to-date authentic material from the Economist makes the content authentic and relevant. Intelligent Business is fully benchmarked alongside the Cambridge BEC exam suite and CEF for those looking to take the high-stakes exams.